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Fire Alarm System

  Fire Alarm Control Panels Conventional Traditional fire alarm panels installed prior to 1998 were conventional zone panels. In a zoned system, fire alarm devices in a common area or floor of a facility are connected to the same alarm initiating circuit. Each zone requires its own circuit conductor. This arrangement allows alarm annunciation to […]

Door Phone

Door phone A comprehensive security solution to make your home safer WIRELESS INTEGRATION WITH  DIGITAL DOOR LOCKS: In sync with Yale Digital Door Locks for enhanced security 200 PICTURE MEMORY WITH DATE AND TIME STAMP: In-built memory to store up to 200 photographs of your visitors for greater reliability 4-WIRE SIMPLE CONNECTION: Hassle free connection  with minimum wiring […]


When referring to computers and security, biometrics is the identification of a person by the measurement of their biological features. For example, a user identifying themselves to a computer or building by their finger print or voice is considered a biometrics identification. When compared to a password, this type of system is much more difficult to fake […]

CCTV Camera

What Sets CCTV Security Pros Apart? The old days of blurry or choppy video are in the past. All of our cameras are designed using the latest technology for superior video clarity. Our software is made to be reliable and user-friendly. You will not find the same quality products in an online marketplace or big […]